Southwest Echoes

Sunset #1  14”w x 18.5”h

Sunset #2  14”w x 18.5”h

Sunset #3  14”w x 18.5”h

Canyon Walker  37” w x 16”h

Arizona Nocturne  18.6”w x 14”h

Our Fathers  18.6”w x 14”h

Transported  30”w x 21”h

Spirit Dog  18.6”w x 14”h

Idyll of the Anasazi  21”w x 16”h

Images of the vastness of nature and the frailty of creatures

Ascent  14”w x 18.6”h

Hunter Hunted  22.8”w x 16”h

Playing with Time 16”w x 21.3”h

Women’s Work  16”w x 21”h

Dream Catcher 16”w x 21.3”h

Blended Beliefs  14”w x 18.6”h

Sky Chiefs   18.6”w x 14”h

Giving River  16”w x 16”h

Spiritual Moment