Who Sits There?

14”w  x 19”h

House on the Harbor

14” w x 19”h

Afternoon Overlooking the Bay  

14.5” w x 19”w

Jack’s Winch  17”w x 12.75”h

Jack’s Cleat  17”w x 12.75”h

Flemish Coils You Will Make  12” w x 12” h

Cycles  38”w x 18”h

Shellyfish Deep 16”w x 26”h

Sea Creatures 18”w x 26”h

Soften the Crush

12” w x 12” h

Power and Water

12” w x 12” h

Coils Your Lines 

12” w x 12” h

Strong and Tight

12” w x 12” h

Catch the Buoy

12” w x 12” h

The Gathering  16”w x 21”h