Artist Statement and Bio


Artist Statement

Following a career in higher art education, I am now a full time visual artist and reside with my husband in the coastal town of Duxbury, MA where we own and operate Night and Day Studio.

My undergraduate major printmaking, and my experience as a painter and making of non-traditional quilts, has influenced my approach to visual problem solving, reflected in the layering and multiple imagery in my work. It was during my graduate study that I became fascinated with the digital imaging, a medium that allows for plasticity of the images central to my work.

Prior to my retirement in 2006 I spent the greatest portion of my professional career as the Director of the Art Education Program for Tufts University and the Museum School. Concurrently, I acted as a curriculum consultant for private and public school art programs and the Massachusetts Department of Education, served as the integrated curriculum development committee chair for the team that developed the Boston Arts Academy, worked with the Museum of Fine Arts Education Department on publishing a series of museum education articles for Scholastic Magazine, and early on taught art to K-9 public school students.


Artist Bio

My work represents not what actually exists, as a documentary photograph might, but rather my impression, interpretation, and transformation of the reality I saw through the lens of my camera.

As I encounter commonplace things, it is the medium of photography that brings to life my imaginings. Each image starts with a simple "snapshot", a moment in time encountered and captured. In my studio, I reconfigure and composite images into "digital paintings". Artistic license and Photoshop tools are essential to the subtle reconstruction of reality, creating a disconnection with what might exist and what might be conjecture. My work represents not what I saw and photographed, but rather my response and speculation about the subject. As in painting, the results are composites of multiple images working together with design and color to create a visually dynamic solution.

My early concentration in printmaking, along with my experience in drawing, painting, and traditional photography, has had a significant impact on my work. My roots as a printmaker are reflected in the layering and multiple-imagery in my current work and, as in printmaking, each image evolves through a series of stages. As I build my images, the process of working digitally is, for me, much like the manipulation of color and form in layers using virtual tools and pigment.

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